About Your Photographer

As a photographer, I absolutely love capturing the true essence of a moment. Natural light is my go-to and I always add a touch of editorial flair to my shots. 

Golden hour is my absolute favorite time to snap photos because the sun's rays really enhance the beauty of the location and add a romantic vibe. 

Creativity, composition, and authenticity are the keys to my photography style.

Building strong relationships with my clients is super important to me. During our photoshoot, I want you to feel guided, relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Being a photographer is truly a dream come true because I get to meet the most amazing people and celebrate love with them!

The Timeline

Went full time for weddings in 2017

Started in 2015 with families

First wedding publication in 2017

Started traveling the globe doing what I love in 2018 

Started lifestyle + branding in 2020

Full rebrand in 2022!