I'm Lily and I love lavender Ice cream! 

I believe in photographing the raw essence of a story with the help of the gorgeous natural light. I die for sweet and dreamy moments between my couples, especially right before the golden hour, where the sun's ray gives a touch of romance to the photos and graces the unique location we shoot. 
My obsession with art and fashion inspires me to approach each wedding in a fresh, fun, and natural way.  
Beyond snapping your unique love story, I build a relationships with all my clients and keep things real, light, and fun.  This helps you feel more comfortable and motivates you to strut your best catwalk in front of the camera with no Beyonce fan needed because you feel that amazing!
I find it gratifying when my clients forget I’m photographing them and capture the love that is evolving between them. 
 I build sincere friendships with my clients, we may even grab drinks and go shopping! This creates the kind of trust and bond that makes for those OOH and AHH images <3

When I am not photographing you can catch me....
•    Running, or working out, I love it! My competitive/ambitious side gets a kick out of beating my mile time or lifting heavier :) plus it just gets me in a happier mood and I just feel stronger than yesterday (singing Britney Spear's song as I type this) .  It's a win, win situation.  
•    As you may have seen from my introduction, I love coconut ice cream or any other flavor especially Mcconnell's Ice Cream which I praise the foodie gods for having one now in downtown Los Angeles, in the past, I would drive to Santa Barbara to get my sugar fix. 
•    Shopping! I love collecting different clothing treasures from vintage stores.  To me, having the fall magazine of Vogue is a must every year. 
•    Chanel Mademoiselle perfume or anything Parisian chic fashion with a hint of Frida Kahlo colors. 
•    I lovee going to concerts, letting loose (I hope that phrase is still hip) and being one with the music, I get a thrill listening to some of my favorite bands and buying concert t's.  It can be Edward Sharpe to Kanye West as long as it lifts my soul.  Ending my night with a hot dog! 
•    I am always up for an adventure.  There's nothing I love more than trying new things and exploring a new city...yes! To try new food, but this is the way I get inspired.
•    But, at the end of it all, I love being home snuggling with my fur baby Penny Lane and watching my guilty pleasures which may or may not be The Kardashians or reruns of Sex and the City or Gossip Girl while sipping on some fine Rose.  

OMG did we just become friends? Email me to set up a date!

I want to know you two lovebirds and hear all about what makes you two bomb dot com, about your dreams, your aspirations, and your favorite ice cream!



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