Melissa and Travis, a love made in Coffee heaven

Melissa and Travis met in biology class during high school.  Their years of friendship made their relationship stronger and deeper than ever. They have a passion for politics and long distance running.  (I wonder if they do both at the same time) They have a deep understand of one another, and share so much of the same mindset, and a love for Santa Barbara.  

Throughout their session, a little bit of their personality started to peak out and I couldn't have loved it more, even though we started our session at a Grand Central's coffee, they acted like such pros when they started to create a small group of viewers ;) 

In three weeks they will be tying the knot and I can not wait to capture their amazing wedding! 


Claudia + Sal= An Equestrian Session

Claudia and Salvador met through a family member.  From the first moment they met, it was love at first sight.  If it was up to Salvador he would have married her yesterday, he is crazy in love with Claudia! 

It was an honor documenting this special day for both of them! I had such an amazing time!  They welcomed Edgar and I to their family's home with open arms and we couldn't be more thankful! 


Rosa + Everardo = The Observatory Engagement Session

Rosa's and Everardo's session was so much fun!  I loved how adventurous they were in picking their location in LA, the Griffith Observatory is the perfect location to capture their love story. 

 She herself is an amazing photographer in Porterville.  Evardo has been the one to push her constantly when things get difficult in her business.  No matter what he is the one who believes she is capable of accomplishing her goals.

She comes from a family who is hardworking and dedicated.  With that strength and ambition to keep on giving her family the best possible, she has successfully impacted so many people's life through her amazing work.  

I can not wait to be able to capture their amazing wedding day and finally have their families and loved ones witness this special day..  

Thank you 

Nayeli and Kam's Engagement Session

It was no surprise when Nayeli said yes! to Kam's marriage proposal. He planned weeks in advance for the perfect way to ask Nayeli for her hand in marriage. He knew her love for the sunny beach and planned a lunch and walk by the beach. Nayeli had no idea what was awaiting at the end of the their walk, he kneeled down(in a very Kam's style) and asked her for her hand in marriage. She is really hard to surprise, so this was completely unexpected for her. Her friends cheered her in the background as she nodded her head and uttered the words "Yes"

They plan to get married in December! What a more perfect to end this year and ring in the new year! I can not wait to spend more time with this amazing couple and I can not wait to capture their very first moments as husband and wife.


Thank you so much for your support! I would love to hear feedback and comments about this lovely shoot. 

Lily Tapia